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American Lifestyles Exposition

The American Lifestyles Exposition is a showcase of the most modern and luxurious products and services from around the world. The Expo will be held November 18 to 24, 2008 at the International Trade Center in Hangzhou, China. The purpose of the event is to bring together industry leaders and consumers with a common interest in the American Lifestyles products and services.

The Expo defines ‿strong>Elegance‿as that which is cosmopolitan and fashioned with polished grace. Elegance refers to state of the art products that are exquisitely designed and engineered.

‿strong>Beauty‿goes far beyond physical appearance and aesthetics. It encompasses all elements that can create a beautiful life by using American products and services to reach this goal.

‿strong>Health‿refers to the quality of the sustenance we consume and the air that we breathe. It also includes the wellbeing of our communities and cities by raising awareness of available American resources that improve our individual vitality and the wellness of all peoples.

Exhibitors include fashion designers and merchandisers, spas, salons, luxury hotels and resorts, airline companies, travel agencies, cruise lines, jewelry showcases, pharmaceutical companies, fitness companies, cosmetic companies, home products companies, organic food companies, auto producers, amusement parks and attractions, electronics stores, perfumeries, top restaurants, wineries and so many more.

American Lifestyles Expo
November 18 - 24, 2008
Zhejiang World Trade Exhibition Center
No. 318 North Huancheng Road
Hangzhou. P.R.China


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